Posted on: March 6, 2009 12:15 am

Peeking in on the other teams in the AFC West

  • Chargers : Until proven otherwise they are the best team in the West (is that saying that much right now?)  L.T is aging and might be out the door but Sproles looks fully capable of stepping in (he's fast but couldn't they use a power back for the goal line?)  On paper they looked so good going into this season, but what happened?


  • Broncos: The above statement for the Chargers should have belonged to the Donks but they choked (horribly) down the stretch (the Mets of football if you will).  I like the signing of Arrington and Buckhalter (does it really matter who is back there?  Someone is going to top 1,000 yards, although maybe that changes now that Mike is gone).  I like Dawkins but he is aging, and Simms is a very capable backup.  The QB controversy isn't going away for a while.  Hard to tell if all the money they are throwing at free agents is going to help or hurt them in the long run.  A new coach, who knows what next season holds.


  • Raiders : No offense to the Raider nation but I can't take them serious as long as Al Davis is calling the shots.  They are horrible at managing money and I just can't, see them being successful.


This has not been that in depth, but as of right now I say the Chargers are the best team, Chiefs are jumping over Broncos for 2 and Raiders in last.  Only time will tell... Go Chiefs!!!


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Posted on: March 6, 2009 12:05 am

The 1st post

  • Needs : front 7 defense (are we switching to 3-4?) and some pressure on QB, and an offensive lineman, we need depth at both these positions.


  • Wants: a good #2 receiver to compliment Dwayne Bowe on the other side (a healthy Bradley as a #3 would be amazing), a QB to compete with Thigpen (check), a veteran CB to teach our promising youngins, PR/KR, kicker

  • Hopes for free agency: acquire decent players and improve depth in needed positions (I need front 7 defensive guys), and maybe signing a decent o-line and figuring out if we're shifting anyone around on the line (I want to see Herb Taylor get more of a chance).  Scoop up a veteran CB to mentor our secondary, and if a good kicker becomes available bring him in to compete with Barth.  Also consider going after one of the older WR's (not T.O), I'm thinking Harrison or Holt (or maybe someone with less name recognition). 


  • Hopes for the draft: #3 overall pick either Curry or Monroe or find a way to trade down and acquire one of the other good LB's later in the 1st round (if we don't trade too far down Orakpo would be awesome to land).  I'd like us to acquire more draft picks.


  • My personal disappointment of the off-season thus far: Thigpen doesn't get a chance to start (though I thought it was a good trade for Vrabel and Cassel).  I hope Vrabel and one pick in the draft are not are only solutions to addressing a measly (NFL record setting) 10 sacks last year.

  • Current projected record for next year : 8-8



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